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Remembering Carrianne: A Tribute Walk and Fundraiser

Easi-Edge recently had the privilege of contributing to a cause close to the heart of one of our team members. Robyn Middleton, our Sales Manager, brought this heartfelt cause to our attention — a tribute walk and fundraiser that took place on 10 February 2024 in memory of her cousin Carrianne, who tragically passed away in 2021—the walk aimed to raise funds for TB Alert and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Remembering Carrianne: A Tribute Walk and Fundraiser easi-edge

Carrianne, a Sergeant Flight Nurse with the RAF, was known for her vibrant personality — humorous, outgoing, engaging, and steadfast in her adherence to rules. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she worked tirelessly in a London hospital’s intensive care unit and was among the first nurses at the Nightingale Hospital. After the pandemic eased, she returned to RAF Brize Norton to support military personnel but became ill in July 2021. Despite multiple hospital admissions, she tragically passed away due to TB.

In her memory, her family and friends walked 33 km to commemorate her life and raise funds for TB Alert and the RAF Benevolent Fund, reflecting Carrianne’s dedication to helping others. TB Alert focuses on early diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in the UK, while the RAF Benevolent Fund supports military personnel and their families, a cause Carrianne was passionate about. 

To honour Carrianne’s memory, her loved ones embarked on a 33 km walk and fundraiser, on what would have been her 33rd birthday, to honour her life and support her cause. Their initial fundraising target of £3,300 was overwhelmingly surpassed, with an incredible total of £8,722 raised.

Robyn Middleton expressed her gratitude saying, “I am truly overwhelmed by the generosity shown by everyone who has supported our cause. Carrianne would have been so touched by the outpouring of love and support. It is heartwarming to see how her memory lives on through the incredible donations that will go towards TB Alert and the RAF Benevolent Fund. Thank you to each one of you who has made this possible.”

For those still interested in contributing, the donation page remains open and offers the opportunity to support TB Alert and the RAF Benevolent Fund in their invaluable work.