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Edge Protection

Our edge protection barriers provide a complete safety solution to working at height.

Edge Protection – Wellington Place, Leeds

Our system conforms to BS EN13374, Class A and Class B. This means it has been tested by a dynamic load as well as a static load and is accredited by Lloyds British.

We have three systems that either bolt, clamp or sit in sockets to provide an instant protection barrier.

Our system can be used to attach to structural steelwork, structural timber or concrete frames. Our in-house design team will help you choose the right system for your unique project.

Please refer to our in-depth user guide for further information.

Our system is easy to install, all the equipment is colour coded and each individual item is pre-set so that it is at the required length, to suit the individual design of the building.

All you need to do then is follow the colour coded drawings provided and install!

Ground level installation is recommended where site conditions allow which means that the barriers are attached to the system type first and are then hoisted into position using a crane. While robust, the barriers are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre making them easy to install.

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