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core-safe is a product designed to prevent falls from lift shafts whilst building work takes place.


How does it work?

The high tech system allows authorised personnel access to carry out work on shafts but then closes openings off afterwards to prevent accidents.

The core-safe gate provides full coverage from slab to lintel. Its use of a double gate system and interchangeable panels means that it can be altered to protect various widths of gaps.

The core-safe system comprises an outer gate complete with fine mesh to prevent objects falling down the shaft and a lock to ensure access by authorised personnel only. The inner gate has a folding mechanism for use when access into the shaft is required, making entry a conscious decision.

A service you can rely on

core-safe is available for hire and purchase. We provide a complete service package providing all the support, training and maintenance required to ensure all runs smoothly on site.

As part of our service package we will also carry out site inspections, replacement parts and refurbishments if required and we have storage facilities available.

core-safe is part of our extensive range of long term safety products and fits in with other measures to create a complete solution.

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